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  • "We cannot express our gratitude toward Pro Source Athletics and Brandon Agamennone enough. We utilized the recruiting process that Pro Source provided and it was well worth the investment. Brandon stood by us every step of the way and was phenomenal answering all questions and concerns regardless of day or time. We can't express our gratitude enough for Pro Source's coaching staff and Brandon. These gentlemen are dedicated and knowledgeable and men of their word." —Crawford Family
  • "My time at Pro Source has made me a better person, a better baseball player and I don't know where I would be in life without Pro Source.. It has changed me so much as a person and I am so grateful for my time there." —DAWSEN, PLAYER
  • "Pro Source is not like other teams I have been with. It isn't just a baseball program. Although it has helped my baseball a ton, it has also helped me with my character outside of the diamond." —Jaxon

Pro Source is known around the country for the success we've had in helping players get to the next level. Hundreds of players and counting...

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the process start?

What are the 5 tools I am graded on at my position?

Are showcases necessary? How many types of showcases are there? (see video on College Recruiting Game below)

How much video do I need and from what angles?

Should I commit as soon as possible?

Do coaches care about statistics?
What if I don't play in Highschool? 

There are so many questions and situations to navigate specific to your son and his career...let us help you begin and help you make the proper steps to success. 

Watch this video on the College Recruiting Game

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