Velocity Improvement with ProdigyX!

Our #1 program is now offering classes all of the N. Texas!  Former Professional Pitcher and MLB Scout designed arm care and velocity improvement program!  This program has been implement by over 750 high school, college and pro athletes with an avg. velo gain of over 5mph!  NO WEIGHTED BALLS! This program is for ages 10-18 and the players are separated by age group during each class.   

  • Improved motor patterns
  • Ground force creation
  • Ballistic training that applies to real world results
  • True practice and game application 
  • Better Range of Motion
  • Better Command and Velocity
  • For Position Players: Better life and carry to the ball and pop times for catchers!

                                Dates/Times for PRE-SEASON TRAINING in Jan. below: RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!

ProdigyX - Frisco:  Jan. 1st-Jan. 25th (Every Monday/Wednesday/Thursday from 6:30-8pm)
Reserve Your Spot Here at Little Elm HS

ProdigyX - Plano/Carrollton: Jan. 3rd-Jan. 27th (Every Monday/Wednesday/Thursday from 6-7:30pm)
Reserve Your Spot Here at Hebron HS



Clinics and Classes