Video Evaluations

Online Video Evaluations

Looking for a quality evaluation from an un-biased source? You can now utilize technology to have an evaluation of the baseball player in your family!  We will:

  1. Give honest and concise feedback about your son's current ability level.
  2. Offer insight and video based drills that will help correct any flaws and enhance the things they do well.
  3. Send a comprehensive written evaluation addressing body type, athleticism, mechanics and so on specific to your son's age and skill level. 

All you have to do is contact and send the following information:

  • Name/Email Address
  • 1-2 minutes of video(can be multiple short videos) of your son practicing or playing at primary position and secondary position. (Include 5-7 swings, 5-7 pitches, etc.)

Technology + Expertise=Future Success! All of this for only $99 per evaluation! We look forward to hearing from you!