Why Pro Source Athletics?


Quality Coaching

Pro Source Athletics is committed to providing the highest level of instruction in all areas of the game.   All of our coaches and instructors have incredibly successful backgrounds both as players and coaches at either the college or pro level.   Their success on the field in second only to their passion for teaching the game properly and explaining the “why” behind every drill, concept or technique.

College Recruiting Experts

We know how to get your son recruited. We know exactly what the recruiters are looking for and have a proven process that has lead to over 50 young men in the last two years playing  for Pro Source to go on and play college baseball with over $1,100,000 in scholarships given! If  your son has the desire to play college ball, we will get him there.

The Source – Training Facility

The Source features full-length, 60 ft. or longer batting cages as well as shorter cages for soft toss or tee work. Our cages are 12ft. wide and feature heavy gauge netting and the top of the line L-Screens. Each cage has its own bucket of baseballs provided by Pro Source Athletics so all you have to do is bring your batting gloves, your work ethic and your swing! MAKE A RESERVATION  

More than Just Baseball

Instilling Biblical Accountability and a high level of commitment on the field, in the classroom, at home and in their communities. It is our hope that each young  man will learn how to better succeed in life, by learning how to succeed on the baseball field.

Community Outreach

Team Athletics members are becoming an integral part of their communities.  A large part of what we do is focused on serving the neighborhoods and areas around where our players live.  It is an honor to give of our time and a tremendous blessing to those who benefit from these types of service projects.
College Bound Handbook

College Bound Handbook

There is no secret, it has simply been years of experience having gone through it ourselves and helping hundreds of players and parents sort through this process themselves.  By simply downloading the Booklet today, you will get over 20 pages of helpful ideas and questions from experts, evaluation sheets as well as a sample letter and profile that you could use as a guide to send to colleges.  We have given you the easiest map to success for the college bound student-athlete!

What they are saying about Pro Source

My time at Pro Source has made me a better person, a better baseball player and I don’t know where I would be in life without it. It has changed me so much as a person and I am so grateful for it.


As a parent I am not only impressed by the level of baseball being played but almost more so by the coaching and mentoring that the players receive at Pro Source.  It’s hard to find great examples for our young men.  At Pro Source I’m confident my son is receiving excellent coaching by excellent men.


Pro Source is not like other teams I have been with. It isn’t just a baseball program. Although it has helped my baseball a ton, it has also helped me with my character outside of the diamond.

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